RME Lesson Plan

25 Sep

  An example of a lesson material plan based on realistic approach


   Lesson: Introduction to the linear equation

  Time : (2 x 40 minutes)

   Grade: Eight, Junior Secondary School students


Goals: After the students follow the lesson, they are able to:

  • communication about mathematics during the discussion;
  • learn to improve their reasoning skills by presenting the result of their work;
  • learn how to improve their critical attitude by conflict to other students opinion;
  • construct the relevant mathematics concept (in this case: linear equation) from a contextual problem, and
  • produce a solution in their own strategies.


  • Give the students a contextual problem that related to the topic as the starting point.

For example: Anisa bought an apple and two mangoes in a supermarket. She gave Rp. 3.500,- to the seller. Right after that, Ilham paid Rp. 4.000,- for two apples and a mango. So, can you determine 1) how much is the prize for an apple. 2) how much is the prize for a mango?

  • By moving around find out which students or groups have the ‘clever’ or intended strategy. This information is important in discussing session.
  • Stimulate the students to compare their solutions.
  • Ask the student or the group of students to present their answer in front of the class.
  • Guide the students in a class discussion


  • during the instruction, give another problem in the same context ( see figure below).

For example: Salma paid Rp. 5.000,- for two apples and two mangoes when she bought them in a supermarket. In the same supermarket, Ihsan had to pay Rp. 2.500,- to the seller for an apple and a mango. So, can you determine 1) how much is the prize for an apple. 2) how much is the prize for a mango?

  • As a home work, asking the students to write a short essay (on a piece of paper) about their experiences after they have learned the two lessons

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